Edmonton Cart Rollout

Here is the most recent newsletter for those participating in the Edmonton Cart Rollout: https://mailchi.mp/edmonton.ca/your-new-carts-are-coming-673179?e=[UNIQID]
Newsletters go out when there are updates, upcoming changes (e.g., collection day changes, seasonal yard waste collection…). It’s a great way for residents to stay informed while they’re in the program. Sign up here to subscribe: https://edmonton.us16.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=da6f7f414fa5b5a5916d333b4&id=9511310652

*Update for participating residents of Ward 11 (Kiniski Gardens) – messaging from the City of Edmonton Communications Coordinator for Waste Services…

It’s great to see so many carts out on the curb and in the back alleys! Thank you everyone for participating.
A few tips our collectors would like you to remember:

  • Please don’t lean your bags on the carts
  • Always keep 1m spacing in between the carts and bags or any other objects like fences, garages and cars

For front-street collection, carts should be placed on the road (not on the sidewalk or lawn).
See photos for what is acceptable and what not to do for front streets & back alleys…