If you’d be interested in seeing a new program here, please feel free to share your ideas with our Programs Director, Tamara Bauhoff at programs@burnewood.ca or 780-777-8184.  

Burnewood Community League currently offers the following adult programs:


Punjabi and Heritage Folk Dancing

Year-round Punjabi dance for kids and adults.
Annual competitions and summer camp.

*Call Manjit for more information 780-952-5075*

TOPS Canada

TOPS Canada

Wednesday mornings 9:00 – 9:45am at the BCL Hall
4118 41 Avenue NW

Area Captain: Jeanette
Please call (780) 410-6556 for more information/to register https://www.tops.org/tops/tops/canada/home.aspx


Instructed by: Chris Eckert
780-465-0581 or japankaratedo-edmonton.com

The Burnewood Community League karate program offers traditional instruction in the Japanese martial art of karate. The program is open to people of all ages and combines elements from the three traditional styles originating from the Okanawa region in Japan. The word karate translates as ’empty hand’ and perfectly expresses the philosophy of karate – self-defense.

Students are taught the importance of both mental and physical discipline, as well as perseverance. Combined with a great workout and the opportunity to compete at organized events, karate teaches many skills that are directly transferable to every-day life, working under pressure being a perfect example.

Our instructor, Chris Eckert is a fourth degree black belt and has been practicing karate since 1978. Chris started the BCL karate program in 1996, not long after moving in to the Burnewood community, and has seen it grow significantly during the past 10 years. He is a certified instructor with Genbukai Canada. In order to ensure that his teaching skills remain at their peak, Chris attends regular training sessions in Canada, the US, and in Japan.


Burnewood ADULT Volleyball

Our Program:
The Burnewood Adult Volleyball program offers adults the opportunity to play volleyball with others who share their desire to develop their skills and increase their knowledge of the game.
Attendance is limited to 30. Depending on number of players, we divide into four or five teams and play a round robin.
As a drop-in, you do not have to attend every week – you pay as you go.

The season-end tournament is by registration first to those with the best attendance; it is not included in pre-paid amount.

Have FUN! Develop your skills. Practice good sportsmanship!
Marion & Darcy Turner 780-462-4858
Jackie & Arden Playford 780-469-5996