Rink Info

September 21, 2019
Our new all-season rink is now open to our community!
Helmets are recommended for applicable sports.
For any maintenance issues, please contact Kristen Kuefler admin@burnewood.ca during the off-ice season.

Please be respectful of our brand new rink
and help us keep it clean!

Hours of Operation for the Ice Rinks

December 2019: The ice rinks are open for the season.

*The ice rinks open in early December
(pending completion of flooding) and,
on average, runs until approximately March
(subject to change without notice,
courtesy of Mother Nature).
*Reminder: Hours of operation below are only in effect once the boarded rink is finished and open
(weather permitting).
These hours also reflect the times that the
skate shack is open, and rink lights are turned on.

Monday to Friday:
6:00pm – 9:00pm
Saturday and Sunday (and Stat holidays):
12:00pm – 4:00pm / 6:00pm – 9:00pm (ice maintenance during break)
*All times are subject to interruption due to weather and ice conditions.

Shinny for all ages is to be played on the boarded rink. Shinny is not permitted on the side rinks.
Public skating is shared with overflow (if needed) on the side rinks.


-18C, including wind-chill, is City-imposed; however this is always at the discretion of the Rink Attendant.

When it snows, the rinks are closed until they are both cleared


Helmets are recommended for all children. If you choose not to use a helmet, you do so at your own risk.

No playing “POST” during shinny games. This has been our policy for over 20 years. You must score without raising the puck if someone is between you and the net. Generations have learned to play this way and all have embraced it (Burnewood is always doing its part to keep insurance premiums in check).

Rink Attendants must be respectfully obeyed.